2015 MLB All Star Rosters: Halfway Through.

Friday, July 3, 2015

The 60 game look is here.

We're 80 games into the 2015 MLB season.  Here are the updated predictions.

AL East
1. NYY 85
2. Baltimore 84-WC1
3. Tampa 83
4. Toronto 83
5. Boston 79

AL Central
1. KC 87
2. Cle 82
3. Det 81
4. Minn 78
5. CWS 76

AL West
1. Hou 88
2. LAA 83
3. Tex 80
4. Sea 79
5. Oak 79

NL East
1. Wash 91
2. NYM 80
3. Atl 75
4. Mia 74
5. Phil 61

NL Central
1. St Louis 97
2. Chi 88-WC
3. Pitt 87-WC
4. Cin 77
5. Mil 73

NL West
1. LAD 92
2. SFG 83 
3. SD 78
4. Ari 77
5. Col 72

Here's my final selection for All Star Game Rosters.  

Each league has 34 players.  There have to be at least 5 starters/3 relievers for each league.  Each league had 13 active pitchers last year, so I'll make that my target. Both leagues use a DH.  Every team needs to be represented. The number is my WAR number (B-Ref+Davenport).

C S.Vogt Oak 3
1B M.Cabrera Det 3.95
2B J.Kipnis Cle 3.8
SS B.Miller Sea 2
3B M.Machado Bal 4.1
LF B.Gardner NYY 3.25
CF M.Trout LAA 4.75-MVP
RF N.Cruz Sea 3
DH P.Fielder Tex 2.2

C R.Martin Tor 2.7
1B A.Pujols LAA 2.75
2B B.Dozier Min 3.05
2B J.Altuve Hou 2.8
SS X.Bogaerts Bos 2
3B J.Donaldson Tor 4.05
3B M.Moustakas KC 2.6
OF L.Cain KC 3.4
OF K.Kiermaier TB 2.95
OF K.Pillar Tor 2.7
OF J.Bautista Tor 2.65
OF Y.Cespedes Det 2.45

SP D.Keuchel Hou 4.6-Cy
SP S.Gray Oak 3.95
SP C.Sale CWS 3.1
SP C.Archer TB 3.1
SP Y.Gallardo Tex 2.6
SP F.Hernandez Sea 2.55
SP K.Gibson Min 2.3
SP S.Kazmir Oak 2.25
SP H.Santiago LAA 2.2
SP J.Quintana CWS 2.2

RP G.Perkins Min 2.45
RP W.Davis KC 2.4
RP D.Betances NYY 2.1 

C B.Posey SFG 4.35
1B P.Goldschmidt Ari 5.4
2B D.Gordon Mia 3.5
SS B.Crawford SFG 4.1
3B T.Frazier Cin 3.9
LF J.Upton SD 2.7
CF AJ Pollock Ari 3
RF B.Harper Wash 5.6-MVP
DH A.Rizzo Chi 3.5

C Y.Molina StL 1.8
1B A.Gonzalez LAD 3.25
1B J.Votto Cin 3.1
2B J.Panik SFG 3
SS J.Peralta StL 2.95 
3B N.Arenado Col 3.9
3B J.Turner LAD 3.1
3B K.Bryant Chi 2.55
OF G.Stanton Mia 3.7
OF J.Pederson LAD 2.7
OF C.Granderson NYM 2.4
OF A.McCutchen Pit 2.35

SP M.Scherzer Wash 5.5-Cy
SP Z.Greinke LAD 4.3
SP AJ Burnett Pit 3.4
SP J.DeGrom NYM 3.3
SP G.Cole Pit 3.25
SP C.Hamels Phi 3.1
SP S.Miller Atl 2.95 
SP M.Bumgarner SFG 2.6
SP C.Martinez StL 2.5
SP J.Cueto Cin 2.45

RP T.Rosenthal StL 2.8
RP J.Familia NYM 2.5
RP F.Rodriguez Mil 2.15

Tendown June 28, 2015

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tendown 180 is here.  This is 181.

CEO-to-worker compensation ratio, 1965–2014

View the underlying data on

1. Diddy. Kettlebell.

2. When he's right, he's right.  I mean, they should be recognized - they fought a war against the US in order to maintain a system of racial supremacy.  We should recognize that.  This ain't a 21st century agenda for the left.  Maybe for Democrats - but there's never been a day in my life where "Jefferson Davis Highway" ever made a damn bit of sense.  It's always been an agenda.  

The Left's 21st century agenda: expunging every trace of respect, recognition or acknowledgment of Americans who fought for the Confederacy.

The Top 10 Wrestling Matches of The First Half of 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I watch a lot of wrestling.  Here are the best matches in the first half of 2015.

1. Kushida v. O'Reilly.  June, NJPW.

Best of the Super Jr. Final: KUSHIDA vs... by purocentral

2. Nakamura v. Ibushi Jan, NJPW

2015.01.04- Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs... by dixonkyle4

3. Ibushi v. Harashima Feb, DDT

HARASHIMA (c) Vs Kota Ibushi (DDT) by JAHMAL1111

4. Ishii v. Honma  Feb., NJPW

5. Yoshino/Shachihoko Boy v. Susumu/Kagetora  Apr, DG

Masato Yoshino & Shachihoko BOY (c) vs Jimmy... by JAHMAL1111

6. Harada v. Kotoge  Jan, NOAH

{NOAH} GHC Jr. Championship: Atsushi Kotoge (c... by NoCode1

7. Harada v. Kotoge  December, 2014 NOAH

Daisuke Harada Vs. Atsushi Kotoge (12-6-14) GHC... by NoCode1

8. Tanahashi v. Okada  Jan, NJPW

2015.01.04- Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs... by dixonkyle4

9. Lesnar v. Rollins v. Cena  Jan, WWE

2015.01.25- Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs... by dixonkyle4

10. Go v. Miyahara  Mar, AJPW 

Go Shiozaki  (c) vs. Kento Miyahara (AJPW) by JAHMAL1111

2015 NBA Draft - Top 50 Prospects

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Here's my final board for the 2015 NBA Draft.

1.     KA Towns C UK
2.     D. Russell PG Oh St.
3.     J. Okafor C Duke
4.     K.Porzingis PF Latvia
5.     E.Mudiay PG China
6.     F.Kaminsky C Wisc
7.     D.Wright PG Utah
8.     M.Turner PF Tex
9.     J.Winslow SF Duke
10.  C.Payne PG Murray
11.  M.Hezonja SG Croatia
12.  T.Jones PG Duke
13.  B.Portis PF Ark
14.  S.Johnson SF Ariz
15.  S.Dekker SF Wisc
16.  W.Cauley Stein C UK
17.  D.Booker SG UK
18.  RJ Hunter SG Geo St.
19.  K.Oubre SF Kan
20.  K.Looney SF UCLA
21.  C.Wood PF UNLV
22.  R.Holmes PF BGSU
23.  S.Tuttle PF UNI
24.  T.Lyles PF UK
25.  A.Williams PF UCSB
26.  R.Upshaw C Wash
27.  C.Osman SG Turkey
28.  A.White PF Iowa
29.  G.Hernangomez C Spain
30.  D.Johnson C UK
31.  R.Hollis-Jefferson SF Ari
32.  J.Anderson SF UVA
33.  M.Harrell PF Louis
34.  J.Grant PG ND
35.  T.Rozier PG Louis
36.  R.Vaughn SF UNLV
37.  C.Alexander PF Kan
38.  M.Frazier SG UF
39.  C.McCullough PF Syr
40.  B.Weber PG VCU
41.  M.Garcia SG Spain
42.  P.Connaughton SF ND
43.  J.Martin PF LSU
44.  Q.Cook PG Duke
45.  O.Hanlan SG BC
46.  V.Hunter SF UTEP
47.  B.Dawson SF Mich St.
48.  T.Harvey SG EWash
49.  T.Haws SG BYU
50.  T.Graham SG VCU

This is (Not) a 2015 NBA Mock Draft (or please, please please don't draft...ah hell, do whatever you want, we won the Title!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

As I do each year, here would be my Round One of the NBA Draft were I selecting for each team.

It's not prognostication.

Normally, I'd include something about who I want the Warriors to avoid.  That seems less important this year for some reason.

1. Minnesota KA Towns C UK
2. LA Lakers D.Russell PG Ohio St.

-Russell's my top guy on the board, not by a lot, not enough that Minnesota shouldn't take Towns, but I like him enough over Okafor that the Lakers, who really should be acquiring assets, should take him.

3. Philadelphia E.Mudiay PG China
4. New York J.Okafor C Duke
5. Orlando K.Porzingis PF Latvia

-The real draft goes smoother than this when the Lakers take Okafor.  Here, the Sixers who can't use him instead take the second best PG.  The Knicks are good with any of the available options; I don't know about fit with Porzingis and the Magic, but these are the top 5 players on the board. in some 2-5 order they go.

6. Sacramento D.Wright PG Utah

7. Denver F.Kaminsky C Wisc
-These guys aren't going this high; once we get by the first five, then my valuation starts to diverge from what you're likely to see.

8. Detroit M. Turner PF Texas

9. Charlotte M.Hezonja SG Croatia

10. Miami S.Dekker SF Wisc

11. Indiana B. Portis PF Ark

12. Utah C.Payne PG Murray St.

13. Phoenix D.Booker SG UK

14. OKC J.Winslow SF Duke

15. Atlanta W.Cauley-Stein C UK

16. Boston S.Johnson SF Ariz

17. Milwaukee RJ Hunter SG Geo St.

18. Houston T. Jones PG Duke

19. Washington C.Wood PF UNLV

20. Toronto G. Hernangomez C Spain

21. Dallas K.Oubre SF Kansas

22. Chicago C.Osman PG Turkey

23. Portland R.Holmes PF BGSU

24. Cleveland A.Williams SF UCSB

25. Memphis M.Frazier SG UF

26. San Antonio S.Tuttle PF UNI

27. LA Lakers T.Lyles PF UK

28. Boston D.Johnson C UK

29. Brooklyn J.Anderson SF UVA

30. Golden St. R.Upshaw C Wash

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