Rnd 2 (not a) Mock

Friday, April 29, 2016

Not predicting.  Selecting.

32. Cleveland M.Jack LB UCLA
-Browns took Coleman 15th, he was 13th on my board; Jack's top remaining player on the board, there's not a good external understanding of his prognosis, so I'm taking him off the board first.

33. Tennessee J.Reed DT Ala
-Titans took Conklin 8th, I had him 10th on the board. We'll see which of those top tackles has the best career.  Could also go corner or WR here.

34. Dallas N.Spence DE EKU
-Cowboys took Elliott 4th, he was my 6th overall.  They still need the pass rusher they didn't get yesterday.

35. SDiego C.Whitehair G Kan
-Chargers took Bosa third, he was my third overall.  They go to the other side of the line here; a WR is another option.

36. Baltimore R.Ragland ILB Ala
-Ravens took Stanley (and not Tunsil) 6th, I had him 8th on my board. They'd rather get a pass rusher, but if Spence is gone the value is Ragland.

37. KCity M.Alexander CB Clem
-Chiefs moved out of round one and still get the corner who best fits their scheme.

38. Jacksonville E.Ogbah DE Ok St
-Jags got the best player in the draft, Ramsey, at #5, they come back for a pass rusher here.

39. Tampa C.Jones DT Miss St
-Bucs got the corner Hargreaves at 11, I had him 14th, here they get a guy to stand next to McCoy and terrorize the other side of the line.

40. NYG H.Henry TE Ark
-Giants maybe reached for Apple at 10, I had him 21.  They go other side of the ball here, given that there isn't a safety that is worth the pick.  Could also be a WR.

41. Chicago A.Billings DT Bay
-Bears got the pass rusher Floyd at 9, he was 16th on my board.  They get a choice here between Billings and Robinson.

42. Miami S.Shepard WR Okla
-Miami showed some nerve and took Tunsil who dropped to 13, he was the second player on my board.  There isn't a corner who provides value here so they get some speed.

43. Tennessee M.Thomas WR Ohio St
-They picked 10 slots ago, could be they take Shepard at 32 and still are able to get Robinson here at DT.

44. Oakland K.Dodd DE Clem
-Raiders took Joseph 14th, I had him 24th, if any of the DTackles taken ahead fall, I think they like him, or Shepard/Thomas - but given the board here, they take another pass rusher.

45. Tennessee K.Correa OLB Boise
-Titans take the tackle, the DT, the WR, I'll say they go pass rush here.

46. Detroit J.Bullard DT Fla
-Lions took Decker 16th, he was 26th on my board but a good fit for Detroit and Bullard is similarly a fit.

47. New Orleans T.Boyd WR Pitt
-Saints took Rankins 12, I had him 11th on my overall board.  They get a reliable pass catcher for Brees.

48. Indianapolis A.Robinson DT Ala
-Colts took the center Kelly at 18, I had him 28th. Robinson's top guy left and in a position of need.

49. Buffalo S.Cravens LB Buff
-Bills got a pass rusher, Lawson, 19th, I had that as a value pick as he was 12th on my board. I'll give Rex the swiss army Cravens.

50. Atlanta L.Carroo WR Rut
-Neal went 17th, I had him 85th on the board, so I don't love it.  They get a guy to take some pressure off Jones

51. NY Jets S.Calhoun DE Mich St
-Bell went 19th, I had him 39th, they get a pass rusher here.

52. Houston A.Johnson DT Penn St
-Texans took Fuller, the fast guy, 21st, I had him 33rd. Johnson's the remaining DTackle who fits best.

53. Washington N.Martin C ND
-This is a good draft, Washington got Doctson yesterday at 22, he was my 15.  And now a starting center.

54. Minnesota V.Bell S Ohio St
-Vikes needed a receiver and a safety and get them both, yesterday was Treadwell, at 23, he was my 17th overall.

55. Cincinnati S.Day DT ND
-Bengals took a corner, Jackson, at 24, he was my 18th overall.  They'd like a receiver here, but it's too early for the next group; a move up or down makes sense.

56. Seattle J.Spriggs T Ind
-Seahawks took a lesser player, Ifedi, at 31, he was my 78th.

57. GBay K.Dixon RB La Tech
-Pack took Clark at 27, he was my 40th overall player.  They've got need at offensive line; I don't know if there's value here, so I'll give them the second back off the board.

58. Pittsburgh B.Miller WR Oh St
-I had Burns rated 65th, Steelers took him at 25. I'll give them another project on the other side of the ball.

59. KCity B.Kaufusi DE BYU
-I've got the Chiefs getting the corner earlier in the round, here's a pass rusher.

60. NE H.Ridgeway DT Tex
-Scheme fit for the Patriots first pick.

61. NE D.Braverman WR WMich
-And then a route runner for Brady

62. Carol C.Nassib DE Penn St
-Panthers got Butler at 30, I had him 27th.  He's joined by a pass rusher

63. Denver L.Clark T TTech
-Denver got a project in Lynch, he was the 42nd on my board they took him 26th, here's another long term investment.

Leftover Board Heading to Rounds 2-3 (Or, Just Anyone Take Myles Jack, Christ)

31 players left my Top 100 in round 1.  Draft starts over Friday.  Here's my new top 100.  When the Niners moved back into the first I was split between "we're gonna take Jack! and, we're gonna reach for Cook"  And you know what happened.   

1.       M.Jack LB UCLA 
2.       J.Reed DT Ala 
3.       R.Ragland ILB Ala 
4.       A.Robinson DT Ala 
5.       A.Billings DT Bay 
6.       N.Spence DE EKU 
7.       M.Alexander CB 
8.       C.Jones DT Miss St 
9.       E.Ogbah DE Ok st
10.   C.Whitehair G KSt

11.   S.Shepard WR Okla 
     12   MThomas WR Oh St 
13.   H.Henry TE Ark 
14   J.Spriggs T Ind 
15.   J.Bullard DT Fla 
16.   S.Cravens OLB USC 
17.   A.Johnson DT Penn St 
18.   N.Martin C ND 
19.   K.Dodd DE Clem 
20.   T.Boyd WR Pit

21.   S.Calhoun DE Mich St
22.   V.Bell S Oh St 
23.   S.Day DT ND 
24.   K.Correa OLB Boise 
25.   L.Carroo WR Bay 
26.   D.Henry RB Ala 
27.   K.Dixon RB La Tech 
28.   C.Cook QB Mich St 
29.   J.Adams TE SCarol 
30.   A.Washington DT Ala 

31.   J.Schobert OLB Wisc 
32.   C.Nassib DE Penn St 
33.   J.Hargrave DT SC St 
34.   B.Miller WR Oh St 
35.   L.Clark T TTEch 
36.   B.Kaufusi DE BYU 
37.   M.Collins DT Neb 
38.   C.Jones CB Ala 
39.   J.Howard RB Ind 
40.   H.Ridgeway DT Tex 

41.   X.Howard CB Bay 
42.   J.Ward DE Ill 
43.   K.Fackrell OLB Utah St 
44.   J.Perry OLB Oh St 
45.   J.Cash OLB Duke 
46.   J.Smith OLB ND 
47   C.Westerman G Ar St 
48.   S.Coleman T Aub 
49.   D.Braverman WR WMich 
50.   K.Fuller CB VT 

51.   R.Higgins WR Col St
52.   D.Thompson S Boise 
53.   M.Mitchell WR Geo 
54.   D.Booker RB Utah 
55.   A.Hooper TE Stan 
56.   N.Kwiatkowski LB BYU 
57.   R.Blair DE App St 
58.   J.Jenkins LB Geo 
59.   M.Thomas WR SMiss 
60.   P.Perkins RB UCLA 

61.   J.Thuney G NC St 
62.   K.Reed CB SMiss 
63.   I.Seumalo G Ore St 
64.   K.Garnett WR Tulsa 
65.   D.Harris CB AM 
66.   S.Wright ILB Ari 
67.   K.Murphy T Stan 
68.   K.Byard S Mid Ten St 
69.   D.Latham T Ind 
70.   A.Collins RB Ark

71.   N.VanHoose CB North 
72.   T.Duarte TE UCLA
73.   D.Lucien WR Ari St 
74.   C.LeBlanc CB FAU 
75.   K.Peterson CB OK St 
76.   P.Cooper WR SCarolina 
77.   D.Lowry DT North 
78.   M.Tuerk C USC
79.   J.Dahl T Wash St
80.   A.Lewis T Neb

81.   B.Allen QB Ark 
82.   C.Kessler QB USC
83.   V.Adams QB Ore
84.   S.Drango G Bay
85.   K.Brothers LB Missouri
86.   A.Zettel DE Penn St
87.   T.Young CB Temp
88.   W.Redmond CB Miss St
89.   Y.Ngakoue DE Mary
90.   CJ Prosise RB ND 

91.   K.Drake RB Ala
92.   W.Henry DT Mich 
93.   W.Parks S Ariz 
94.   S.Daniels LB BC 
95.   J.Haeg T ND St
96.   J.Payton WR UCLA
97.   J.Kearse S Clem
98.   B.Marshall WR Ore
99.   J.Allen S Mich St

100.                        J.McGee TE UF

Final 2016 (Not a) Mock Draft, Round 1, 2016 NFL Draft (or, Please, Please, Please do not Draft Paxton Lynch)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My big board is finalized, a couple days ago I did a 3 round mock, here is round one - I'm not predicting, I'm saying what each team should do.  If the Niners take Lynch I quit.

1. Los Angeles J.Goff QB Cal
-Goff's my top rated QB; I would not have made this move up.  Outside of Andrew Luck, I'm just never dealing up in the NFL Draft.  I want the picks.

2. Philadelphia C.Wentz QB ND St
-You can't move up here and not take the QB, but were they not to have given up all those assets, I'd prefer Ramsey to the Eagles.

3. San Diego D.Buckner DL Oregon
-I've got Buckner higher than Bosa for 3-4 teams, that's the Chargers.

4. Dallas J.Bosa DE Ohio St.
-Dallas needs help from the edge and that's Bosa.

5. Jacksonville J.Ramsey DB Florida St.
-With Jack's injury issues Ramsey moves to #1 on my board and he doesn't get by the CB starved Jags.

6. Baltimore L.Tunsil T Miss
-My #2 overall and a position of need for the Ravens.

7. San Francisco M.Jack LB UCLA
-I'm not a doctor, so if Jack slips out of the top ten based on medical, I can't scream too loudly.  He's my favorite player in the draft, this is a position of need, and maybe if I'm the Niners I deal down to a team who wants Stanley here if I think I can get Jack a tick lower.  But if they stay and the board falls this way, Jack's the last elite talent on my board and I want him.

8. Cleveland E.Elliott RB Ohio St
-Browns have needs everywhere, if they don't move down Elliott is a guy who can stay on the field all 3 downs and become the face of the franchise.

9. Tampa S.Rankins DT Louis
-Put Rankins next to McCoy and they really control the line of scrimmage.

10. NY Giants J.Conklin T Mich St.
-Elliott makes a lot of sense for a NY trade up with Cleveland if Dallas doesn't take him too early, Coleman is my top WR and it's not too early for him here either, but I'll take the run blocking tackle.

11. Chicago R.Stanley T NDame
-Bears need pass blocking, there are lots of receivers in the draft, and the plan here would be to get one next.

12. New Orleans S.Lawson DE Clem
-Highest ranked left on my board in a position of need for the Saints.

13. Miami C.Coleman WR Bay
-Top receiver on my board, a legit game breaking threat for Tannehill.

14. Oakland L.Floyd OLB Geo
-Raiders could also go with Doctson to pair with Cooper, here, I've got them taking the guy they wanted Aldon Smith to still be.

15. Tennessee W.Jackson CB Hou
-Hargreaves is higher on my board but the fit is too good to pass up.

16. Detroit J.Doctson WR TCU
-Not designed as a Calvin Johnson replacement, but they need a receiver and this is how my board falls; Hargreaves also in play but not a great fit.

17. Atlanta J.Reed DT Ala
-This is a bad spot for the Falcons; were the board to fall here it's definitely a deal down.  Whitehair makes a lot of sense but this is probably ten spots too early.

18. Indianapolis R.Ragland ILB Alabama
-Whitehair is also a good Colts fit, and they might deal down, absent that this is a good spot for a new heart of the Colts defense.

19. Buffalo C.Jones DT Miss St
-Rex goes for the super talented but occasionally low motor Jones.

20. NY Jets C.Whitehair G Kan
-Alexander also considered here as a guy who fits the scheme.

21. Washington V.Hargreaves CB Fla
-Washington super pleased if Hargreaves lands to them at 21.

22. Houston K.Joseph S WVA
-Texans have to be looking hard at the next receiver group, but Joseph will come in and start.

23. Minnesota L.Treadwell WR Miss
-Highest player left on my board and fits well with Vikes.

24. Cincinnati R.Kelly C Ala
-Like Joseph, Kelly comes in as the day one starter.

25. Pittsburgh N.Spence DE EKy
-There's not a DB on the board who makes sense here, so they take the pass rusher.

26. Seattle A.Billings Dt Bay
-It's either Decker or Billings, they're right there on the board and they have a need for both.

27. G.Bay H.Henry TE Ark
-It's a one TE draft, the Pack gets Rodgers another set of hands.

28. KCity M.Alexander CB Clem
-They need a corner, Alexander's right here and it's a great fit.

29. Arizona E.Apple CB Oh St.
-Scheme fit dictated Alexander at 28 and does so again with Apple at 29.

30. Carolina E.Ogbah DE Ok St
-Need plus position on the board.

31. Denver V.Butler DL La Tech
-Broncos need a rotation guy on the line, here's that guy.

Tendown, April 24, 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

221 is here. This is Tendown 222.

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time.  If there is a next time.

Your pal,


This is (not) the 2016 NFL Mock Draft Rnds 1-3 (or, please, please, please don't deal down and take Paxton Lynch)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Not a prediction; my making the pick I think each team should make, rounds 1-3.

As long as the Niners don't take Paxton Lynch in the first round, were cool.

1.       St Louis J.Goff QB Cal
2.       Philadelphia C.Wentz QB ND St.
3.       San Diego D.Buckner  DL Ore
4.       Dallas J.Bosa DL Oh St.
5.       Jacksonville J.Ramsey DB Fl St
6.       Baltimore L.Tunsil T Miss
7.       Niners M.Jack LB UCLA
8.       Cleveland E.Elliott RB Oh St.
9.       Tampa S.Rankins DT Louis
10.   NYG C.Coleman WR Bay
11.   Chicago C.Jones DT Miss St.
12.   New Orleans S.Lawson DE Clem
13.   Miami W.Jackson CB Hou
14.   Oakland J.Doctson WR TCU
15.   Tennessee L.Floyd DE Geo
16.   Detroit J.Conklin T Mich St.
17.   Atlanta C.Whitehair G KSt.
18.   Indianapolis J.Reed DT Ala
19.   Buffalo M.Alexander CB Clem
20.   NYJ R.Stanley T ND
21.   Washington R.Ragland ILB Ala
22.   Houston S.Shepard WR Okla
23.   Minnesota L.Treadwell WR Miss
24.   Cincinnati K.Joseph S WVA
25.   Pittsburgh S.Calhoun DE Mich St
26.   Seattle A.Billings DT Baylor
27.   GBay  V.Hargreaves CB UF
28.   KCity E.Apple CB Oh St.
29.   Arizona R.Kelly C Ala
30.   Carolina E.Ogbah DE Ok St
31.   Denver H.Henry TE Ark
32.   Cleveland P.Lynch QB Mem
33.   Tennessee L.Carroo WR Rutgers
34.   Dallas J.Bullard DT Florida
35.   San Diego R.Higgins WR Col St.
36.   Baltimore V.Butler DL LaTech
37.   San Francisco J.Spriggs T Ind
38.   Jacksonville A.Johnson DL Penn St.
39.   Tampa K.Reed CB SMiss
40.   NYG T.Decker T Oh St.
41.   Chicago M.Thomas WR OhSt
42.   Miami A.Washington DL Oh St.
43.   Tennessee  A.Robinson DT Ala
44.   Oakland S.Day DT ND
45.   Tennessee N.Martin C ND
46.   Detroit R.Nkemdiche DE Miss
47.   NOrleans M.Thomas WR SMiss
48.   Indianapolis S.Wright OLB Ari
49.   Buffalo N.Spence DE EKy
50.   Atlanta S.Cravens S USC
51.   NYJ J.Adams TE S.Carolina
52.   Houston K.Clark DL UCLA
53.   Washington J.Thuney T NC St.
54.   Minnesota C.Nassib DE Penn St.
55.   Cincinnati J.Garnett G Stanford
56.   Seattle P.Perkins RB UCLA
57.   Green Bay K.Dixon RB LaTech
58.   Pittsburgh J.Cash S Duke
59.   KC K.Fackrell DE Utah St
60.   New England D.Braverman WR WMich
61.   New England H.Ridgeway DL Tex
62.   Carolina K.Garrett WR Tulsa
63.   Denver  I.Seumalo G Ore St.
64.   Tennessee C.Jones CB Ala
65.   Cleveland W.Fuller WR ND
66.   San Diego C.Westerman G Ariz St.
67.   Dallas K.Byard S Midd Tenn
68.   San Francisco M.Mitchell WR Geo
69.   Jacksonville D.Lee OLB Oh St.
70.   Baltimore D.Harris CB A&M
71.   NYG M.Collins DL Neb
72.   Chicago J.Howard RB Ind
73.   Miami J.Schobert OLB Wisc
74.   Tampa V.Bell S Oh St.
75.   Oakland K.Dodd DE Clem
76.   Tenn  J.Smith LB ND
77.   Cleveland N.Kwiatkowski LB WVA
78.   NO D.Latham DL Ind
79.   Philadelphia B.Miller WR Oh St.
80.   Buffalo S.Coleman T Aub
81.   Atlanta N.VanHoose CB Northw
82.   Indianapolis D.Henry RB Ala
83.   NYJ S.Daniels LB BC
84.   Wash T.Boyd WR Pitt
85.   Houston K.Correa DE Boise
86.   Minnesota K.Murphy T Stan
87.   Cincinnati C.LeBlanc CB FAU
88.   GB B.Kaufusi DE BYU
89.   Pitt X.Howard CB Bay
90.   Seattle P.Cooper WR S.Carol
91.   NE D.Lowry DE Northw
92.   Ariz C.Cook QB Mich St.
93.   Carolina T.Young CB Temp
94.   Den C.Kessler QB USC
95.   Detroit J.Perry LB Ohio St.
96.   NE M.Skura C Duke
97.   Seattle J.Dahl T Wash St

98.   Denver M.Tuerk C USC

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